Affy robotic station

Affymetrix photolithographic microarray manufacture process allows for interrogation of a transcripts with a single gene chip array. Oligos are synthesized chemically directly on the chip surface by a highly reproducible method, allowing for consistency of quality not available on traditional cDNA arrays. The BIDMC Genomics and Proteomics Center offers Affymetrix experiments and services from RNA isolation to data analysis.



GeneChip High Throughput Array Plate Scanner

    More cost effective, efficient, reproducible, precise, and more sensitive than GeneChip cartridge arrays. Up to 96 samples on one run with as little as 50ng of RNA or picograms with LCM. The new GeneChip HT Array Plate Scanner designed to scan and create high-resolution images of GeneChip HT Array Plates at an unprecedented rate, price, and reproducibility with less starting material.

    Our scanner is able to deliver the highest quality and quantity of genomic information. The high throughput scanner provides researchers with the ability to complete large projects run on 24-array or 96-array Affymetrix.

Our New HT Scanner Accelerates The Pace Of Discovery

HT Array Plates (including human, mouse and rat). Less than three minutes to auto-focus and scan each array.

  • Fully automated robotics
  • Up to 96 samples per run
  • Quick turn around

HT Array Plates

The scanner supports the following GeneChip® HT Array Plates, available in 24- and 96-array versions:

  • GeneChip® HT HG-U133+ PM Array Plate
  • GeneChip® HT MG-430 PM Array Plate
  • GeneChip® HT RG-230 PM Array Plate
  • HT Human Genome U133A/U133B
  • HT Mouse Genome 430A/430B
  • HT Rat Focus

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